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Mission & Philosophy

About Us

Walnut Canyon School is committed to providing a thriving academic environment that integrates the arts and technology with diverse and creative learning experiences.

Academic rigor empowers every member of the school community to reach high levels of achievement as determined by state and national standards.

We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive support system that assures this outcome.

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Dear Walnut Canyon families,

This year, our school has partnered with codeCampus
to provide weekly STEAM enrichment to every
student. From TK all the way through 5th grade, our
students receive structured STEAM enrichment as
part of their school day. Each week, they build an
incredible project using skills like coding, graphic
design, and even hands-on engineering!

Learning STEAM skills is a multi-year endeavor, and
the foundations that the students are building in
elementary school today can open pathways to
STEAM careers as they move on to middle school,
high school, college and beyond.

Be sure to ask your own students about the amazing
things they’ve created so far this year!

Upcoming Events


Join us for the memory-making moments that bring our school community together

You’re invited to Walnut Canyon to take part in our world of learning, creativity and fun at our upcoming school events. Don't miss out on the chance to be part of our vibrant community.

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